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Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013 Formosa, Argentina

That is so funny that you had a crazy testimony meeting because i had a doozy! We have a man that is ninety something and he thinks he was transfigured and well i won´t negate that but he announced it in three different hours and he got up and started with i just want you all to know the truth and the counselor of the stake presidency got up to tell him to sit down or bare his testimony and in the mic the old guy went off on him. so he finished his crazy story and well i am so glad the only investigators i had were kids because whoa! The branch president looked over at me with a look that says "whoa this is awkward" and the elders too! It is kinda funny that they kept sending looks my way but the elders and i are close and well our branch president is just like
that, he is super funny. 

Yep on thanksgiving i had divisions with a girl from the states and i totally spaced it! i knew what day it was but i forgot to do anything cool, but i thought of you all a ton! well not that much because i was working. 

This week was crazy! I barely got any sleep at all! i started off one night with bad dreams of every person i taught that never got baptized and then the next night i had to wake up at 4 and go to Resistencia for consejo, which was awesome! i was soooo tired but i learned a ton and i got to see hna Baker which was so cool because six months earlier we were sitting in the exact same room and i had just found out she was my trainer! It was great seeing the other hermanas and i saw hna Hext. She ran to greet me and slid about 4 feet and then her feet flew out from underneath her and she straight up biffed it! She kicked me on the way down, but i felt so bad i didn´t mention that part to her. She is doing really good though and then i got to talk to hna Skirvin. Well although i was exhausted i barely slept at all because i had to present what i had learned at consejo to our zone and i was freaking out! I did fine. i have a skill of hiding my nerves, but i was shaking. It went really well though and our zone made t-shirts and whoa are they low quality our leaders were so mad! But it just makes them more Argentinian. oh and then i ate a kilo of ice cream with hna Young and Stone to celebrate our halfway mark! wooo! It is crazy how fast time flies! The next day it rained like crazy! and well it continued until yesterday and
now it is just as hot again but with crazy humidity! I am soaked in nastiness, but i also went and played basketball with my companion so yep it was toasty! Oh but the other day i received a phone call of a crying hna so we went to the church that night to have inventory with them and when we got there there was also a baptism and the water was overflowing into the room so i grabbed a towel and i cleaned for about an hour and then we had inventory and they are good now but whoa some people just don´t know how to work with a companion. My companion and i are the definition of opposite, but we work really well together! In a companionship you can´t expect to change the other. You have to be willing to change yourself to find equilibrium, it isn´t easy, but if you don´t you won´t have the spirit and if you don´t have the spirit you shouldn´t even try teaching because nothing will come of it. But anyway we returned home super late again and it resulted in a really sleepy Sunday! I slept like a rock last night and now our schedule has changed and we have studies during the siesta and we work in the morning so that should be awesome! Yea that was my crazy week in a nutshell. I was so tired that it was suuuper hard to speak Spanish and i was a little emotional and a little trunky but i got through and now i only have one division left because one of our companionships got emergency transferred out of their area because they got robbed with a machete. don´t worry that is very far from my area! My area is tiny and tranquila. Thank you so much for sending me a package! you guys are the best! 

Also i can Skype for 45 minutes or call for an hour on Christmas. i was thinking Skype and a member offered her home, so i don´t have details yet but i really hope i don´t get transferred because they are the week before Christmas and the Monday before transfers the whole mission is getting together for a Christmas activity so yep what would you like to do? Hey i love you all sooooo much! Dad thank you so much for your emails! there are missionaries who don´t get anything sometimes and whoa they look depressed!

Hey have you conquered rock band yet? who is playing with Connelly? is he looking at a lot of playing time? wait who is his coach? How is austi doing? Hey i love you soooo much and i will send you a memory card! I will
find a way! You are the best and i miss you but i know i am gonna be seeing you before i know it! Good luck with everything! Hey are you reffing yet?

Hermana Quick

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