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Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014 Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina

(Just received Reinna's travel plans today to return home at the end of August. She arrives in Spokane on August 27th in the morning. SUPER EXCITING!)

Sounds like you had an awesome week!!!!! Scout camp..i am a little jealous that girls camp isn´t like boys camp. i would have actually made an effort to go. oh well thank goodness my dad already taught me everything i need to know :) I forgot that you were called as scout master, those kids are so lucky. Speaking of the heat, it has been really nice these last few days! Today i tried running a little for my pday....yep it was the first time in almost 6 months...haha it was paaaiiinnfuulll. Skirvin sat in a swing and cheered me on, but whoa i couldn´t breath worth a darn and it was hot and there was an intense warm wind...gross! But we tried to have a water balloon fight with the balloons that mom sent in my bday package, yep we thought we would fill up the bigger ones with more water, but they wouldn´t pop! I literally chest bumped all the balloons that skirvin threw at me but they popped when they hit the ground. Also we played some Frisbee. It was a tranquilo pday. Also we were all locked in for all the Argentina soccer games, but i definitely heard when they won on Wednesday! In my boredom i made a dart board and a basketball hoop and i was good and entertained. I am also trying to finish the bom in Spanish again by the time i get home, but when i finish i will start again and see if i can catch up to you two. where are you at? I am trying to fill in an entire textbook on Spanish by the time i go home, i started two weeks ago and i have a big chunk done, but i have a lot to do still. there are so many little things that i am learning. Oh but we didn´t work at all yesterday. We went to church and then we were in the pension the rest of the day. We both took a long nap and i didn´t sleep at all last night. Now i am running on pop ;) Oh we do have an amazing investigator now who had several vicios to drop and we made a plan to drop them by the 20th yep he is clean! It is sooo exciting! Him and his daughter are progressing really well. no one else wants to talk to us, but we are grateful for the blessing of teaching them. Oh the 9th was also the independence day of Argentina and hna skirvin and i cooked a huge lunch for the hermanas because we are 3 gringas and 3 argentinas! it was super fun. But yep that was my week :) Tomorrow we will receive the phone call for transfers... i hate working with that phone call hanging over my head! Also i don´t know anything about travel plans yet. (I sent them her way today so now she knows) i am waiting for someone to tell me, but i heard they changed the way they do transfers and that i should be in my home on the 26th but i don´t know...we shall see :) I am really praying that i stay with Skirvin because i know she will help me finish strong and yep i went to a lesson with the branch president the next day and he was telling me about your little chat. he is so cool! Oh so this week is the first time i think i had a dream about being home and there were motos all over the place! i am so excited for you and mom to teach me how to ride. i am so glad that you are loving them! Hey can you tell connelly to take like 10 minutes to write me and he can ask me all sorts of questions. i am gonna bring some of my mtc books home so he can have an idea of what the mtc is gonna be like. I would have him get some Spanish folletos from the elders de omak and have him memorize the first vision from preach my gospel. All newbies tell about the experience of jose smith at least that's what i made my hijas do. But the folletos are from pmg but they are shorter and he can learn some good frases from them. the best way to learn is to practice though. I will help him when i get back :) i am so pumped! Well i will send this your way. I love you all soooo much!!!!

Hermana Quick

Well i need to be going, but i love you sooo much! i hope you have a fantastic week! when i get back also i wanna go on that green drink thing you said, vegetables just aren´t consumed in this part of Argentina. I love you soo much! tell the family i love them! I hope you have a great week and thank you so much for all that you do for me!!!! i really have the best family in the whole wide world :)

Hermana Quick

ps. a crazy detail...this week i start my last transfer...gross! 

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