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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 24, 2014 Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina

Sounds like a semana bien tranquila :) I love the fotos! You got some beautiful views. There aren´t mountains here at all, not even small hills. it's a little weird but i am way used to it now. This week was prettty good. Hna Skirvin was a little sick. We were talking with our branch president (who is awesome) and he said there is a virus of some sort going around because everyone is getting sick. My stomach is better, but you just kinda get used to the gross feeling. But we finally had someone at church this week so we were super happy about that. And like you mentioned in your letter, we had the despidida de los Heymans. Do you read their blog? they have a...instagram thing too if you wanna see more. But maybe you already knew that. It was super sad, but life is full of changes. But they are due for a rest. The new president gets here the 1st of July. It was awesome seeing all the missionaries and we ate subway!!!! Which is brand new in our mission and it was the most veggies that i had eaten in months! I also realized today that me, Hna stone, Cuello and Tolman are the oldest hermanas in our mission. We were the first to get our visas, well Tolman is from Canada so they don´t have visa problems and Cuello is from Argentina. Everyone kept asking me how i was doing, but really it was hilarious because i am not trunki at all...sorry i love you all but i am the least trunki out of my group by far. Me and skirvin have a lot to improve before transfers and well maybe the last transfer will be harder, but right now it is a cake walk. okay it's still the mission, we hardly ever eat cake, jajaja. I am doing really good though! I am really tired and i will continue to be so for a week. We took a bus at 4AM to get to Resistencia and then we slept in Las Breñas and tomorrow i have divisions so i will be going to Saenz Peña but the bus leaves at 5...yep i am gonna be so dead by Sunday. i love you sooo much!!!!!! I hope you are all doing great!!!!

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