Countdown to see Reinna

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 30, 2014 Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina

Dang why can't you be home already!!!!! I want to know where Connelly is headed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (He's been called to the Tegucigalpa, Honduras mission and leaves Sep 17th, but he didn't open his letter until 10PM Monday night, so Reinna won't know until next Monday) 

I am so proud of my studdly parents, do you think i will pass this motorcycle class or was it hard? I am glad you had a great week! (mom and dad took and motorcycle class, got the endorsement, and bought a couple of motorcycles to cruise around on)

My week was pretty good, it was the same old same old. We walk around all day and try teaching people, in this area we get rejected more than we teach but me and Skirvin are enjoying our time together :) I went to Saenz Peña for divisions this week and it was fun, but just a lot of traveling. So i actually tried working out good this morning...whoa i am out of shape! it is also super cold in the morning, when we left the apartment this morning it was 61 degrees...yep i hardly ever feel my poor toes. they are generally a purple or white color. 61 without insulation with humidity, it is freezing! but i am just really accustomed to Argentina weather :) But hey i will send this your way and i gotta check out your fotos still. 

Your bikes are sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Skirvin and i are just dying over here! I am so excited for my parents to visit me at school on their motos. how cool! Does it hurt mom's back to ride? She looks like such a gangster in the pics you sent! Do you have a picture with all your gear? When are you gonna get home?  i am dying to know where Connelly is going and when he leaves!!!!

Love you sooo much!!!!

Hermana Quick

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