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Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014 Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina

Well you freaked me out a little with the info about the fires but you cheered me right up at the end by mentioning a new phone for me when I return! You are the best!!!! Austi wrote me and told me that she is gonna be flying in as well...i can´t explain how excited i am. I also really wanna go on some of these hikes with you, as you know i am actually a professional walker now so you are gonna have to up your game up haha! thanks for the fotos it makes me so happy to see you and mom's smiling faces!!!! But hey is the fire dying down? Today it is stinkin hott!!!! Most days this week are nice with a lot of sun, and yea we even complain a tiny bit, but then the sun goes down...and i always lose feeling in my toes and it becomes super duperty cold. But its alright it could always be worse. But i still haven't met our new mission president and i still haven´t heard his voice, but i am hoping that this week we will get to meet him! fingers crossed ;) He didn´t change a whole lot for transfers, so it is official that Hna Skirvin will be my very last companion in the mission!!!!! Yay! I am super excited to end in this branch as well. We are having some investigator troubles, but they are still progressing. We also have an other investigator that has proven to be crazy at times. He has broken almost every commandment on earth, but he is repenting. It's been an adventure teaching him and i really do believe he will get baptized, not sure in what time frame though haha. All in all my week was pretty good. I won´t lie though, i am suuuper tired, i really feel like i have given my mission my all and this last little push is tough, but i am making the best of it! I love you sooo much! Tell Abril and Kimber that i really loved their letters! and also i got a letter from grandma Quick and the Kentucky Quick's. It was awesome! Also i got your Spanish corrections, but i haven´t quite finished reading them yet :) But thank you so much! I am really grateful for all the support that i have had my entire mission!

Hey could you send me the recipes for those things i wrote before, i don´t remember exactly what was on the list now, but Skirvin is in a cooking mood. I am sooo excited to help Connelly out for a couple weeks before he leaves! really i have been with a lot of newbies so i can definitely help him :) i should finish the bom in a week in a half i bet, but we shall see. i love you sooo much and i am already excited for next Monday to write you again! love you and tell mom i love her too!

Hermana Quick

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