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Friday, March 15, 2013

3-14-13 Email Home

So I just lost 5 minutes of email time because I was reading something! dang! and it really isn't that fair because the timer starts before you even get completely logged on... oh well! so it is week two and things are going really well! I mean if you asked me 4 days ago I would have told you it wasn't going as well, but that was just because we had a suuuper tough investigator (pretend role player one of course) and I couldn't remember any Spanish, but after a good devotional by Brother Johnson of the seventy and his wife, I got my head where it needs to be again. The Spanish has been coming slower that a crippled slug, but I know if I keep working hard I will get it...eventually. I saw Perrin Romney the other day. Oh, and my first day here I met Hermana Lake(distant cousin). Those are the only two people I know. Well before I came in that is. Oh, we had a huge wave of missionaries come in Wednesday! We had just said goodbye to our past roommates Monday and now we have two new hermanas in our room. They seem pretty cool but they aren't in our ward or anything so we see them before we go to bed and that's it.
The weather has been super nice! I even got a small little tan line yesterday from studying outside. So Hermana Crawley, one of my companions, hates the sun! She burns really bad and she is always warm, so she was complaining the whole time about being hot and the sun was touching her and the birds were singing. Yeah it was hilarious and we totally made fun of her and her little spot of shade that she was clinging to. She still got sun burned! haha! She is headed to Buenos Aires north, but she has la tierra del fuego in her mission so she got the best mission for her because it is super cold.
Oh so I have never sat so much in my life! I love to do my personal study for an hour and my language study for another hour. Love it! We then have another hour of language study on the computer and that is fine for like the first half hour and then the computer tries to lull me to sleep. and well I will take a picture of my schedule so you can see because it is packed! We don't have much down time, but that's okay. I wish I had more time to study my Book of Mormon. Lately I have been presented with a dilemma. My hands are going numb from they are tingling and everything!
So life here is good. I mean, I have my struggles especially in lessons because my companions kinda take over and i don't wanna be rude and jump in even though i might have the spirit telling me to address something...idk its tough, but I know it is only my second week so everything will work out in time...i hope. I love you all and I hope i left you enough time for maybe a quick response! Love You!  Hermana Quick :)

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