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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February 27, 2013

Here is the letter Reinna sent to our family on her first day in the MTC. She's doing great! I have to retype it as she can't email until her first P-Day this Friday, March 8th.

Querida familia,

So I have 2 companions. Hermana Dean is from Utah and Hermana Crawley is from Arizona. I remember her name because she told me it's like Creepy Crawley. They are both really cool. My first class, like after a girl...excuse me...a Sister, show me around, was completely in Spanish. Our teacher served in Spain and he has a weird lisp that I seriously want to laugh at, but instead I get distracted by my mental judgements. I am hindered by my judgmental mind...sad day! But everyone in my group is as good as me or better in Spanish, like we are pretty even, which is cool. My companions are really good at practicing Spanish adn they have been helping me learn tons of new vocab. Oh, so far my departure date is April 8th! All of my companions are headed to Argentina. Hermana Crawley is headed to Buenos Aires North and Hermana Dean is going to Rosario. We have another trio staying with us and they are pretty cool, but so far I have only seen them twice. Well I don't know when I can send this letter, but I will try to get that done as soon as possible. I love you guys so much!

Reinna Quick

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