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Friday, March 8, 2013

3-8-13 First P-Day

Hey there! It is my Pday finally and I have a half hour to email you. ... So life here at the MTC has been good, I have two companions. Which I now understand why people say that is so tough because although I love them both it is sooo hard to teach! Like we have agreed that only two of us can bare our testimony at the end of our lessons, because three people is too many! We just finished teaching our first investigator. His name was Pablo and I wanted to get him baptised so bad! But alas, he is now our new teacher ;) I am not sure what all to tell you...On tuesday my companions and I sang in the choir for devotional and that was really fun. It was a fantastic devotional oh and Sunday was amazing! The temple president from the Provo temple came and spoke and it was so spiritual that I could have cried! Afterwards we watched a video by President Bednar and that was so insightful! He talked about casting off the natural man and developing the character of Christ...It is definitely a work in progress for me:)
So every day we get like 45 minutes for gym time. I have decided that before I leave the MTC I will be a pro! At first it was super boring but one of the sisters in my district made a rule that if the ball went flying off the court we had to do two push ups...I was soooo sore the next day! Oh my district consists of 7 hermanas and 4 elders. They are all super cool and the more I get to know them the more I love them! They are all really down to earth and we are getting to that point where we talk way too much because my personal study time keeps being shorter and shorter. So I know why missionaries get fat when they come to the MTC. It is because we eat breakfast at 7, lunch at 11:30, and dinner at 4! Who eats dinner at 4! And we sit in the same classroom all day studying and learning like we don't need three square meals a day! I did run a mile the other day to try to counter act the food, but it is ten laps for a is really hard to motivate myself to run ten laps for only a mile! But I have decided next week will be my awesome week. I have already set goals for my spanish study and now for my gym time and well english study i haven't quite developed yet, but i'm getting there.
So the other day our whole floor flooded! It was the first night that I really got any really sleep, but then at 5am people started blowdrying their hair, well I thought that was happening and I thought the other hermanas were losing there minds! But it turns out every other room except for 6-8 of them had inches of water in them. Apparently someone left a sink on somewhere.
Oh and so I heard yesterday that the last two hundred people who tried to get there visas for argentina. Only 3 of them got it right away. Everyone else had to serve somewhere else as they waited for their visa. Some people are really upset about that but I figure there are people everywhere who need the gospel and the Lord needs me to go find them so I'm excited to go somewhere else too.
So my first day I get to class right away and it is only in Spanish! We are the first intermediate class our ward has ever had so we actually already speak as well as the people who are leaving this week...But seriously I wonder if it is even possible to master the language. Right now it seems super complicated and impossible, but it will be different when I am actually immersed in Spanish. Oh my teacher served a mission in Spain so he lisps! It is super funny and I am getting used to it now, but I was really distracted at first. Yesterday I had 6 hours of classroom time and it was all in spanish and I understood everything that was going on, but it's hard to make gramatically correct sentences in my head.
So I am running out of email time, but I will write you all! :) I wanna hear all about your lives and in turn I will tell you all about mine...on fridays. I am going to the temple in a few hours and I am soooo excited! I need that spiritual awesomeness right now! I love you all and I hope to hear from you soon!
Hermana Reinna Quick

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