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Friday, March 22, 2013

Email Home 3-22-13

So I would normally try to respond to emails individually but I don't have the time! I'm so sorry! I feel so blessed though to have everyone's support! Every night I think my Heavenly Father for all of the wonderful people who grace my life. I nearly cry every time reading letters from my amazing family! You all are the perfect family for me and without you I wouldn't be able to do this. Mom, Dad I love you both so much!  You were such great examples and I don't know if you totally realize how much you have helped me obtain my own testimony. You are the reason I started believing in God and I miss you all a lot! It is so hard not being able to talk to you and that goes for Austianna and Connelly too. I am so glad my companions are frantically typing because I am really fighting back tears. I just love you so much and I hope you know my favorite lesson to teach is the plan of salvation. It is the most comforting thing for me, because I want to be with you all for all eternity and I am going to live my life right so I can do that. Thank you so much for the package! I loved it! Getting a package really does feel like Christmas came early. Also Austianna, I wanted Cheezeits because it is one of my companions favorite things in the world and I know she has her struggles too....(edited out minor personal rantings)
So I have two new room mates...they are both super cool but they like to wake up at 6;15! I mean what is wrong with waiting 15 more minutes! Oh well I am learning to live without sleep, it is hard though because i nearly pass out in personal study almost every day. but after 11 I usually wake up. Oh speaking of passing out. I have been running everyday since i wrote my first email about getting fat. But the other day I was doing sprints with two other sisters and I literally thought I was gonna pass out! Like I couldn't get any air! I am really blaming the altitude because I was super light headed and woozy and yeah i was a little worried that I was gonna drop like a rock and it took my the whole day to wasn't fun.
Oh so another funny story about my floor in the apartment building. We have the bathroom above us, leak water into our bathroom. It was sketchy because it wasn't like there was a legit hole that water was pouring through but there was a ton of water pour out of the ceiling. It made me laugh. And most sisters didn't get to shower that night haha!  Oh so the other day I heard the MTC is 42% sisters but then at devotional they said it was 50% so either way there are a lot of sister missionaries going out. Oh and I don't think I will make it to Argentina for a while. The consulate hasn't come in a while so most missionaries are being called to Utah to wait for an appointment and then they have to wait some more for their visa to go through. So I am hoping I can meet with the consulate so then I can leave Utah but there are literally hundreds waiting for an appointment. I am kinda excited to serve somewhere else as well because then I can say I served state side and aboard. Oh if you get a moment you should watch Joesph Smith and the Restoration. I watched after devo last Sunday and it was so good! Like it made me realize my trials are so small.
Oh so my district sang in sacrament meeting last Sunday so that was really cool. I felt the spirit so strongly even though I have no idea if we even sounded good. We also have a new elder in our district because his Spanish was too good for a beginning class. Yeah I think heavenly father saw that we were getting along really well so he wanted to toss a wrench into the engine to see if we can handle it and at first it was hard! like this elder is kinda a rebel and tries to bend rules, thankfully he is starting to calm down a little, but every now and then I wanna put my referee face on and tell him off...or just punch him... Thank goodness for the Atonement!
(slight edit out as nobody really needs to hear EVERYTHING she writes!) So I have a minute to finish! I love you all so much! I am so thankful for this opportunity here at the MTC because I feel like it is the perfect opportunity for me to be converted myself. Oh my companions wanna move. Love you! I think of you all the time, well when I can and especially when I am teaching.
Hermana Quick

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