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Friday, March 15, 2013

3-8-14 Letter to Dad

Thank you so much for writing me:) It makes me happy to get a letter from you! So dad it is so hard for me to believe that I will get better at Spanish...Like there are so many things to learn and remember...and I feel like here I can I can only apply so much, will it get better in Argentina? (Dad has assured it will of course. Dad was clueless for the first several months of his mission learning Spanish)

You were right about having a good district. It makes things way better. Hey, thank you so much for letting me know from a young age that you had a testimony and that missions are important. I came to the MTC to become a better person and to grow personally, but in a talk by President Bednar, he said that the only way to find yourself is through service to others. He said if you are getting frustrated and sad, i's only because you are letting the natural man take over. Jesus Christ was constantly worried about others, but never himself. I am trying to become more like hiim, but my natural-woman is so selfish at times:) (It's tough to think that Reinna can improve in her ability to think of others more, but it's sweet that she wants to keep working hard to help others...just dad's two cents worth)

Well, my P-Day is almost over. I am about to go to lunch and after that we have personal study and then are going to the temple! Yay! Then tonight we have class again for 3 hours! Ugh! All of our studying is done in our classroom and I am getting very tired of sitting in there...and sitting in general.

(She ends her letter by saying some very sweet things to her papa, so I'll leave those comments out. She seems to be doing really well. She obviously does a LOT of studying, which does require a lot of sitting....oh the fun! Her time is going to go fast in the MTC though with an April 8th departure date. It will be interesting if she gets her Visa in time for that. Hopefully! Thanks for following her blog!)

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