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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 2, 2013

Dear Family,

So I am not allowed to write until P-Day, but we don't have one this week so I am writing you now during laundry time, and I kept forgetting to buy stamps:( Sorry! So you were right about mail! It is such a happy feeling when you get something! Oh and my P-Day will be Fridays here at the MTC.

I taught my first lesson yesterday. It was difficult because not only was it in Spanish, but our alarm didn't go off in the morning so we woke up at 7, which is when breakfast starts. So we didn't get food and I forgot! IT was my other roommates P-Day so they woke up at 4:50AM! So naturally they woke us all up because it's hard to be quiet in our tiny room. Oh! Our room is made for 4 sisters, but we have 6! So we have to share drawers and closets.

My district is really cool. It consists of 7 girls hermanas and 4 elders. It was originally 5 to 4, but we got two new sisters yesterday. So we are not allowed to say guys or girls or dude. We are either hermanas, sisters or Elders. And we are not allowed to give the elders high fives, which is so hard because we were playing basketball and I went up to one of the elders and said "nice shot". I was about to give him a high five, but we both stalled out in midair...It's hard to remember.

So far the MTC hasn't been that bad at all. I thought it would be really hard and it is at times, but then I remind myself that I should get frustrated. The Lord only expects me to do what I can and he will take care of the rest. I tell myself that literally all the time. So so weird! I feel like I have been here forever, but at the same time I feel brand new...It's hard to explain.

Oh so we work out everyday which nice, but then we only have a half hour to shower and become presentable again, which is harder than you might think. So I know why missionaries get fat here. We eat at 7, 11:30, and 4! Who eats dinner at 4! Like you never feel hungry at 4 because you just ate 4 hours previously and all you did was sit in a classroom for that 4 hours!

I love you all so much! I will put these letters in the mail today, but I will try to be obedient and not write until Friday...if I can. I hope everything is going well:)



  1. My letter was cooler . . . just kidding! :)

    1. Well, you do write to her everyday...impressive all in itself!