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Sunday, March 31, 2013

3-29-13 Emails from Reinna

(I've copied and pasted bits and pieces of Reinna's email conversation with us Friday here)

So next week I will see where I will be reassigned. (Reinna thinks it will be somewhere in Utah, but won't know until next week. She said she will be able to call to let us know exactly where she'll be going.)  So last week when I got done emailing I looked out the window and it was snowing! Yeah I went from getting a tan line to freezing! I didn't wear my coat that morning which was also a bummer because as it turns out my companion was sick so we had to drop her off at the clinic and then we went to the temple and when we came back we had to then walk to the pharmacy. She is still sick and has an infection. I feel really bad for her because she is in pain, but on Monday she is going to Payson to get some x-rays. But because she is sick we have had two or three different field trips to the real world! one time we even heard the radio! Crazy! I am sick also though. Wednesday night I had a fever so i didn't sleep at all! but I took a nap later that day and then Thursday I slept in and I felt better, but my whole body is really achy and my glands are swollen, when the Tylenol wears off I just wanna curl up in a ball and sleep but alas you can't do that here :(. I was supposed to go to the clinic today but I feel like it really isn't that big of a deal, people get sick and in time they companions don't completely agree, but whatever. Oh! so I have been working so hard to serve my companions and love them as much as possible and well it is really working. We are getting along really well and I have learned to speak with the spirit instead of verbally beating them, not that I ever did that, but I was really tempted at times. Okay I see an email so I will finish in a sec :) Love you all!

So we have devotionals on Tuesday and Sunday. Tuesdays is always someone from the Seventy, but this Sunday we have an apostle coming! We don't know who but my companion and I are going to be waiting eagerly for hours outside the building :) Oh but last Tuesday I was  an usher and that was fun, I have the best no nonsense face ever so people just do what I say :) haha just kidding...kinda. All in all I am getting the hang of mtc life just in time to leave and that is okay with me. I am so ready to teach real people and I am so excited to walk around all day! I asked one of my teachers for advice on sleep and he told me to go to bed and when I wasn't sleeping, focus on the work. He also had my read D&C 84:33. I was sleeping better until I got sick and now the medicine puts me to sleep :) But I am so thankful for my awesome teachers here! They are both really nice and you can tell they care. My companions like the one but not the other because he is really blunt, which is funny because that's the reason I like him! He says it how it is and my companions are too sensitive to see that that is just how he talks. I feel like he gives me solid advice and his plainness is refreshing because I feel like some people ruin things by making them sound too fancy. 

Next week is spring break?! That's crazy! Time is really flying, I feel like I just got here and then in the mornings I feel like I was born here.

Oh well I should wrap it up time is nearly gone, But I love you soooooo much! I  am really glad we could chat and I am excited to talk next week. OH! I spoke in church on Sunday! they randomly pick people and most people just get up and read a paper but i think that is boring so i didn't write a paper, i literally just gave a talk in Spanish! it was so cool! I was feeling really awesome afterwards :) Well I have to go but I love you! I hope you have a great spring break and I will call you probably Friday next week :) Nos vemos
Hermana Quick

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